Zarges K470 Aluminium Case 350 x 250 x 310mm


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The Zarges K470 Aluminium Case is a high-quality aluminium universal box. The lid has a stainless steel hinge strip, two lid straps and foamed seal all round. The case has cast-aluminium stacking corners, and a high level of stability due to 3 fully-welded aluminium profile frames. Ergonomic and durable, it has C fasteners for at least 20,000 operating cycles, and profile-section joints that are fully welded. The snap fasteners can be secured with a plug lock, have lead seals, and provide protection against bursting open. They can also be sealed by a padlock (Max shackle thickness 6mm). Ergonomic handles provide comfortable handling, with loads of up to 50kg. Also has ergonomic heavy-duty sprung drop handles. The clearance dimensions are approximately 30mm less than the inside dimensions. All-round beading and corner beads give even more durability. Comes in 11 standard sizes. Customised sizes available.Zarges K470 Aluminium Case. Internal length: 350mm.Internal width: 250mm.Internal height: 310mm. External length: 400mm. External width: 300mm. External height: 340mm. Volume: 27 Litres.Weight: 3.1kg.


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