Henry Squire Combi 2 Recodeable Locking Bolt 125mm Chrome


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This Henry Squire Combi 2 Re-Codeable Locking Bolt is a unique, patented combination 4-wheel locking bolt, that provides great security for vehicles, sheds, doors and gates. It has brass wheels that are highly anti-corrosive. There are 10,000 combinations and is lockable in open and closed positions for extra security. It comes supplied with security screws and can be fitted left or right handed. Can be coded ‘alike’. Die Cast Chrome Finish. Designed for areas where there is a Low to Medium risk of theft. Ideal for Vehicles, beach huts, boats, internal doors, sheds and gates, up and over garage doors, etc. Overall Width: 50mm.Overall Length: 120mm.Bolt Diameter: 10mm.


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