LED Lenser H7.2 Head Torch Test It Blister Pack


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The LED Lenser® H7.2 Headlamp is the result of a passion for perfection in hand-free lighting. This new version of the high performance classic, the H7, has been has been significantly re-engineered to provide superior comfort, better light distribution and improved performance. The careful selection and addition of one of the very latest CREE® LED Light Chip into this stunning new Headlamp, together with a re-configured lens, enables the light to be both bright (250 lumens on Boost) and light up a much larger area than its predecessor. As you would expect from LED Lenser®, the H7.2 features the patented spot to flood beam Advanced Focus System™ optics which are complimented by the enormously useful Smart Light Technology™ (SLT) options. SLT offers up to five light options (High Power, Low Power, Boost, Dim, Signal) spread over three pre-set light programs. These are all controlled by a clever new Dynamic Wheel Switch – a simple turn or click of which will deliver the option required. A Low Battery warning light, a transport lock to stop accidental battery discharge, upgraded light tilt mechanism and superior robust cabling are all welcome additions too. The H7.2 is also a step up in comfort. The battery pack and light head compartment are both contoured to fit snuggly around any head shape. Additionally, the reverse of the light head compartment is lined with a skin-friendly PU-Foam which adapts itself to every user. The adjustable twin-forked headband design is so comfortable that users will forget they are wearing a headlamp at all. Features: Superior comfort, better light distribution and improved performance.Energy efficient CREE Power+ LED Light Chip.State-of-the-art, reliable German engineering.Advanced Focus System™ Optics.Smart Light Technology (SLT).Multi-function Dynamic ‘wheel’ switch to control SLT options, dim option and light intensity of Power, Low Power and Boost options.Lamp head pivots within 90° angle for directional light.Robust cabling meaning areas exposed to strain are toughened and more flexible.Low battery message system.Transport lock to prevent the light from being switched on by accident.Ergonomic comfort design.Recalibrated lens for wider light beam angle.Corrosion resistant gold plated contacts for better conductivity.Water and dust resistant to IPX54. Technical Information: Power: 250 lumens max.Run Time: up to 60 hours.Beam Distance: up to 160m.Weight: 170 grams.Supplied with: Belt Hook and Duracell® Batteries (4xAAA).Supplied in a test-it blister pack.


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