Masterlock Aluminium Black Vinyl Cover 20mm Padlock 3 Pin – Keyed Alike x 4


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The Master Lock Aluminium Black Vinyl Cover padlocks are a tough and dependable security solution. With a modern black vinyl finish to the body, they are an appealing solution for day-to-day reliability. Each padlock has a solid body, hardened steel shackle and dual locking levers. A variety of multi-pack options, where all padlocks in the pack open with the same key (keyed alike) are also available. Padlocks are available with 3-pin and 4-pin cylinders and with a variety of shackle lengths for added security and for a wider range of possible application options. The black vinyl cover also helps protect surfaces from scratching. All Master Lock padlocks are supplied with a minimum of 2 keys and a Lifetime Warranty against mechanical failure. Suggested uses: Lockers, trunks, cupboards and sheds.The Master Lock 9120EURQBLKNOP has the following specifications: 4 x 20mm aluminium padlocks with black vinyl cover – 11mm steel shackle, 3mm diameter – 3-pins – keyed alike


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