Masterlock Excell Discus 4 Digit Combination 70mm Padlock


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The Master Lock Excell™ Discus Combination Padlocks are made with cutting edge technology to deliver unprecedented security. They feature tough cut patented octagonal boron carbide shackles which are 50% tougher to cut than hardened steel. They offer optimum weather resistance with the additional security of a shrouded shackle, which is much tougher to pull/pry open. This padlock has a set-your-own 4-digit combination for keyless convenience. Supplied with a Lifetime Warranty against mechanical failure. Suggested uses: gates, sheds, storage units, fences, containers and chains. Specification Shackle Diameter: 10mm.Internal Shackle Dimensions: 24 x 19mm.Possible Combinations: 10,000.


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