Stabila 196-2-100 Level 3 Vial 100cm40in 15235


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The Stabila 196-2 levels are made from extra strong, light metal. They have rectangular profile and an extra strong ribbed frame, with rubberised hand holds. Their removable end caps incorporate anti-slip wall pads, which allow the level to be held firmly against a wall with one hand without slipping. Each level has 2 vertical vials and 1 horizontal vial. The levels have 2 milled measuring surfaces, except for the 180cm levels, which do not have any milled surfaces. Measurement accuracy: in normal position 0.029° = 0.5 mm/m, overhead measurement 0.029° = 0.5 mm/m.Stabila 196-2-100 Level 3 Vial. Length: 1000mm (40 in).


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